How To Dress For The Rodeo

Danielle Yancey
Trend Columnist
Thursday, Mar 03,2011
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Break out those cowgirl boots & saddle up, we are headin’ to the Rodeo. Recently, I went to Houston, Texas, to ‘RodeoHouston’. I have never seen anything like this in such masses before. Just driving up to Reliant Stadium and seeing all of the barbeque cook-off tents, carnival rides and thousands of people walking around in their boots, cowboy hats and “lone-star” fashions, I felt somewhat at home. Growing up in Dothan, I annually went to the National Peanut Festival seeing much of the same; however, the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo was like going to Dothan’s Peanut Festival times 15,000. There are over 2.2 million people that attend Houston’s Rodeo which make it the largest in the world as far as livestock exhibition and live entertainment.

Houston encourages its Texan residents to dress in western attire during the 20-day event and they definitely participated both nights that I attended. Boots were worn by all; from young to old, and not many heads were seen without a Cowboy hat either.

I loved every bit and loved the fashion that I saw along with the not-so organic food-fare. Check out these looks seen at the Rodeo and how to wear them Texas Hold ‘Em style.


This cowboy quote says it all, “She’s as pretty as a wagon”. Never thought the rodeo could be sexy, but there were a lot of fashions to be seen on many different levels.  To put together a Sexy Tex-y look, try these ideas below:

~Wear those cowgirl boots with short-shorts or short skirts and a top that shows a bare tummy! Maybe this is not a look for everyone, but there were many spotted at the rodeo!

~A second look is going a more traditional route, but still with an edge; a western-style plaid shirt with a leather fringe-trimmed vest with skin-tight jeans. This was a huge style!

~A third look is to wear a trendy dress, either in a floral print or solid, with a large belt in a contrasting color and worn with turquoise jewelry in all forms! Turq chandelier earrings, a mixed turq necklace and a turq ring round out a great mixture even if they are not matchy-matchy.


You either “Go Big” in your fashion statement at the Rodeo or just “Go Home”! There were so many fashion statements to be seen, but Big Hats and Big Belts were a standout! Check out these standout styles below:

~You don’t have to work on a ranch or be a country singer to wear one of these! Big Cowboy hats were seen at Houston’s rodeo in many styles and colors. The most popular being the natural straw and also the black felt. Some were adorned with leather bands, bejeweled with turquoise beading or even feathers. Stetson is a “Made In America” brand that first debuted in 1865. This brand is a popular addition to an American cowboy’s attire and some of these hats are priced over $1000!  Customize your hat by rolling the brim up or creasing the crown a bit.

~“Size does matter, the bigger your buckle, the better.” Big Belts & Bigger Buckles were on the waists of many at the rodeo. Whether it be an authentic, antique cowboy belt or a trendy belt from your favorite boutique, you definitely want to westernize your outfit with a bold belt with a large and decorated buckle on your waist.


Boots were on 99.9999% of rodeo “pardners”. You had to wear a pair of boots to feel at home here and also be ready for the dance floor. I decided to check out a unique store in Houston located in the Fourth Ward. Vintage boots were in abundance at this local shop, Texas Junk Co. Over a thousand styles to choose from, priced from $30 to just over $100, making this the place to be! But look out, if you find your size, DO NOT put them down, someone is scootin’ behind you to snag them.

~Wear cowboy boots with anything!  Perfect to wear with jeans or tights for a tougher look or they can be worn with a feminine dress, shorts or skirt to add a touch of masculinity. 

From the RodeoHouston, to the huge, upscale shopping at the Galleria Mall, Houston was a Texas fashion event not to miss. As I was leaving, I just wanted to hear, “Y’all Come Back Now, Ya Hear?”