Bring Out Your Ankle Boots

Kathleen Williams
Fashion Columnist
Tuesday, Oct 09,2012

Everyone is excited for fall fashion – the scarves, sweaters, jackets, gloves and of course, BOOTS!  The accessories are my personal favorite element of fall fashion.  The problem is – here in the South, it can still be 80+ degrees in October.  I think we can all recall a Thanksgiving or two where we could comfortably wear shorts outside.

What to do?  How can I enjoy these elements of fall without feeling like I’m trapped in a sauna with an Eskimo suit on?  Two words:  ankle boots.


Ankle boots are the perfect compromise for Southern fashionistas.  A slight heel can elongate the leg and add that touch of fall that just can’t be done with flats or heels.  Last year I purchased a pair from Old Navy for under $30 and I wore them so much I knew I had to grab some more this year.  I added a cognac suade and black suede pair by Steve Madden and I have already loved throwing them on with all kinds of outfits for both work and play.


For those of you who aren’t already embracing the ankle boot – try a pair and see what you think.  I have more muscular legs and never thought this trend could work for me but I was so surprised at how easily it worked.  Give them a shot and see what you think!  


Visit to see where I got my ankle boots and some places where you can find a pair of your own.