How To Wear A Blazer With Jeans

Michael Bell
Menswear Columnist
Friday, Jan 22,2010

So, you’ve seen guys on TV wearing the blazer and jeans combo and you want to give it a try. Who wouldn’t want to wear a blazer with jeans? It says “I’m formal, but I’m here to have a good time.” But beware, there are a lot of ways for this outfit to go wrong. Follow these tips to make sure you look like Seacrest and not the Jersey Shore.

1. Choose the right blazer. With this fashion trend being so popular, lots of designers are making blazers that work well with jeans. Look for one with soft shoulders (no pads) and think about the fabric. Velvet is a popular choice, but it is strictly for winter. A good rule of thumb in Alabama is to wear velvet from December 1st through Valentines Day. Look for a more versatile, year-round option. Look for a lightweight wool or a wool blend option.

2. The blazer needs to fit correctly.
Correctly means it should hug your shoulders without any excess fabric, but it should not gap or pull across the chest when the button is done. The sleeves should hit right at your wrist bone. (with a long sleeved shirt, about a half inch of shirt should show below the cuff).

3. The blazer needs to be an actual blazer. That seems simple enough, but a lot of guys are trying to use a suit jacket as a blazer. They are not cut the same and they are usually not made from the same fabrics. If the jacket came with a pair of pants, then it is supposed to go with those pants, not jeans.

4. Lose the Ed Hardy T-shirt.
If you must pair your blazer with a graphic t-shirt, go with something more subtle. No metallic prints. No dragons. No skulls.

5. Choose the right jeans.
If you are pairing them with a blazer, your jeans don’t need to be too flashy. Ripped jeans are great, but they don’t go with a blazer. Also, steer clear of crazy washes or embellishments such as metal studs or (heaven forbid) bedazzling. Stick with a simple dark wash that fits well.

6. Tuck in the shirt. Whatever shirt you decide to pair with a blazer should be tucked in. You already have the tails of the blazer hanging down and an untucked shirt just competes. It doesn’t look cool. It looks messy and it over complicates the style. The jeans will keep your look casual, so keep the shirt tucked in neatly.

7. Finish with accessories.
With a jeans and blazer, your two biggest accent piece are your belt and your shoes. I like to pair my blazer with a big belt buckle. Not rodeo big, but just enough to draw the eye and complete the look. As far as shoes, I like to pair a blazer and jeans with boots or with a more modern loafer. This is not the time for penny loafers. You are going for a little attitude with this outfit, so use your shoes to complete the package. These
boots from Frye are a great fit to go with a dark blazer.