• What Is Love?

    Everyone wants it, some find fake versions of it, but real love is hard to find. MyScoop.us answers what love is and what love isn't in pictures.

  • Rebound Relationships Avoid Real Issues

    I had a 3 year relationship with this guy. When we finally called it quits it seemed to be hard for both of us. He kept calling to talk late at night and sent several heartfelt emails, then less than 2 weeks after our break-up he was seeing someone else.

  • To Give It A Chance Or Not To Give It A Chance

    Introducing MyScoop.us's new dating column Dear Belle and Beau. You send in your dating confessions whether they are good, bad, or have us saying, 'Oh my God!' and Belle and Beau will give their Southernly advice. Our first dating story comes from a young woman who wants to know 'when to give it chance?'

  • Friends With Sexual Tension

    I’ve been friends with this guy for 2 years. We’ve never dated and have always been in relationships with other people. Now we are both single and there’s something about the way he looks at me lately that makes me think he wants to be more than friends.

  • How To Fix a Broken GPS (Guy Picking System)

    From Heartbreak to Heart’s Desire: Developing a Healthy GPS (Guy Picking System)is a witty and practical guide is perfect for women who want to stop wasting time, energy, and emotion falling for the wrong men.

  • Three Unacceptable Reasons To Go Exclusive

    So you aren't really dating anyone else, is this a good reason to go exclusive? Find out 3 unacceptable reasons to go exclusive and 3 reasons that make it a great idea.

  • Is He Cheating?

    He is very private about his phone, frequently looking at it and hiding it. He goes on impromptu trips for work. He often works late and may not call to say goodnight. My mom says usually when you have a feeling something isn't right - something isn't right.

  • Should I Do The Big D?

    I want to know if my marriage is worth saving. I'd rather get out now versus 5 years down the road when we potentially have children and a lifelong unavoidable connection. Through my frustration, I find him unattractive and I find myself defending my point in arguments because I feel as if he does not hear or comprehend my point of view.

  • Behind Every Crazy Woman Is A Man Who Drove Her There

    Behind every crazy woman is a man who drove her there. I've been dating this guy who had a bad break up, his side is 'she was crazy'.

  • How To Teach Your Children To Connect

    Teens and technology. When your teens (and, increasingly, tweens) aren’t updating their Facebook pages they’re probably texting friends or blaring music through mp3 players. And here’s the irony: Today’s young people are more “connected” than any other generation in history, but they have a general inability to, well, connect.

  • 7 Keys To Raise Happy Kids

    It is the everyday things we do with our children that help them feel stronger, and happier no matter what.

  • Stop Texting And Pick Up The Phone

    Stop texting and PICK UP THE PHONE. It is AMAZING to me the single friends I have that are perplexed when a guy doesn’t ask them out yet they have engaged whole heartedly in the ‘text and meet up’ game. Texting has ruined dating.

  • How To Be A Better Dad

    Yes, being a parent can be tough, scary, frustrating, and time-consuming—but it’s also the single most worthwhile thing you’ll ever do. Working on becoming the best father you can be is the ultimate gift to you and your kids.

  • Am I Dating A Douchebag?

    He didn’t come across as cheesy when I first met him, but since we’ve been dating he has: quoted his salary to me, talked very badly about his friends, told me he wanted sunglasses to match the interior of his Range Rover, worn a red blazer, and constantly listened to Adele.

  • Long Distance Love

    There is no way a long distance love can flourish via sporadic text without true communication. If you cannot see each other then you need to at least hear each other's voice.

  • I'm Dating A Runaround Sue

    She had a good man - a man who in her own words “loved her the way a man is supposed to love a woman.” And yet, she decided that wasn’t enough.

  • Bringing Back The Voice

    Self-concern and lack of confidence lead people to electronically communicate over a screen instead of speaking with their God given voice. Your voice is a powerful tool and guess what the less you use it the less eloquent you will sound.

  • 9 Tips For Women Negotiating In Business

    Let’s say you’re on the short list for a promotion with your company. A big promotion. If you get it you’ll take on far more responsibility and you definitely feel up to the challenge. But the salary attached to the job is a little well, lackluster—especially in light of your experience. You’d love to ask for more money but frankly, you’re afraid to.

  • 5 Steps To Keep The Love Alive

    Whether you’re single and examining your options, or taken and examining your relationship, it’s important to brush up on some basic “dos” and “don’ts” in order to keep things fresh and electrifying! For those ladies interested in doing what it takes to rekindle the fire, here is the Scoop on keeping the love alive.

  • Stop Dating Guys That Suck

    Take a look at your past four or five dating relationships and how they all ended, I guarantee you will see a pattern. It's easy to put blame on how bad the guys are, but you are choosing who you spend your time with.

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