• Helpful Tips For New Moms

    You’ve waited nine months (or more!) to hold your little bundle of joy in your arms, but if you’re like most moms, once you get home from the hospital, reality, anxiety and sleep deprivation start to set in. Then all of a sudden, you’re not so sure you can do this mom-thing after all.

  • Alabama's Most Beautiful

    The state slogan is Alabama The Beautiful and not just because of its blue skies. If you are from Alabama you are well aware of the beautiful people in our state, beautiful on both the inside and out. From gorgeous smiles to witty charm, we chose Alabama's Most Beautiful.

  • How To Recreate The Side Bun

    Marcos Diaz hair stylist during New York Fashion Week shares how to recreate a gorgeous side bun.

  • How To Get Great Legs

    Could it be that spring is here? I have been able to bare my legs for 3 days in a row now and can hardly contain my excitement. With this burst in temperature it is time to get those gams gorgeous and MyScoop.us has just the recipe with these steps, lotions, and exfoliators.

  • How To Detox From A Winter Skin Hangover

    It’s here— January. How you yearn to turn back the hands of time and erase this year’s holiday over indulgences. How can you recover from your holiday hangover?

  • Say 'I Do' To Glowing Skin

    Develop a skin routine that will have you saying 'I Do' to glowing skin on your big day.

  • How To Apply: Making Scents of Perfume

    Coco Chanel once said that a woman should apply perfume to those places she would like to be kissed, however perfume does not taste very good therefore there are dos and don'ts to applying fragrance.

  • Stress Can Wreak Havoc On Your Pearly Whites

    Individuals with high stress levels tend to increase their bad habits, which can be harmful to periodontal health. They are less attentive to their oral hygiene and may increase their use of nicotine, alcohol or drugs. Patients should seek healthy ways to relieve stress.

  • Retinoid - A Proven Miracle Cream

    If there was an anti-aging solution that was over 80 years old and proven to minimize wrinkles, fade brown spots, eliminate acne, and create glowing skin would you use it? It is right under our noses and available at any dermatologist and in less potency over the counter. It is Retinoid cream.

  • Do It Yourself Hair For Prom

    With the arrival of the warm weather, one can be sure that there is only one thing on the minds of high school seniors everywhere: prom. Between securing a dress, shoes, bag, and accessories for the event, the cost can be difficult to contain.

  • How To Get Georgia May Jagger's Look

    From contouring to revering her gap, rock legend Mick Jagger's daughter Georgia May shares beauty advice.

  • How To Tone Your Arms

    You may be able to hide your arms under layers of clothes in the winter but come summer time; you’re forced to reveal all. A well-toned arm is a part of the body that can be dramatically improved.

  • Chic Updo and Full Brows

    Big plans for the weekend? An easy and chic way to get spruced up for a night out on the town is tying your hair back into a simple updo.

  • Tips For Naturally Gorgeous Skin

    A common myth is that you need to use chemicals to have effective skin care. And that’s such BS.

  • 5 Steps To Healthy Nails

    Life can take a toll on your nails, take these 5 steps to ensure healthy nails and cuticles.

  • Top 5 Hair Bad Habits

    Everyday you may commit one of these hair don'ts, so before you ruin your mane make sure you are eliminating these bad habits.

  • How To Treat Adult Acne

    You might think acne tends to be worse in the steamy, sweaty weather, but think again - one study found that acne actually became worse in the winter compared to the summer months.

  • Beauty On The Fly

    Sure, “packing lightly” is a rather foreign phrase to women – as most would rather miss their flight than be caught without their favorite pair of pumps, silky, slinky sleepwear, or effervescent face/body lotions and potions. But you don’t need to check luxury when checking their baggage.

  • Do It Yourself Holiday Hair

    It's the holidays and almost New Years' Eve and if you are looking for great hair on a dime, here are some flawless looks that you can do yourself.

  • The Fairest of Them All: The Best Conditioner

    The fastest way to rehab your locks is to start a deep conditioning regime. Here is the Scoop on what to use and how to get the most out of your deep conditioner.

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